Calming Voices

Delivering Voiceovers with Warmth, Depth & Humility

The Voices

Stevie and Natalie set the tone for situations where a clear and calm, reassuring and trustworthy voice is needed to convey important, detailed or holistic messages. This can be anything from assisting in relaxation for health and wellbeing presentations to emergency evacuation announcements at outdoor events. 

Equipped with high quality recording facilities Stevie and Natalie are ready to read scripts at a moments notice. They offer realtime, directed sessions at times to suit you with the raw audio file delivered immediately afterwards, or fully edited and produced audio ready to use within an agreed timeframe. 

Stevie Cripps

With an enviable reputation across the industry, Stevie’s subtle edge of cool to his calm gives him wide appeal alongside exceptional production values. He’s your reassuring friend next door always there and ready to help.

Natalie Cooper

Initially trained in broadcast media and with a background in live programming, Natalie has worked as a voiceover for 20 years. Frequently described as a “safe pair of hands” you can expect excellence with a minimum of fuss.

"Whether conveying messages with empathy, strength or reassurance, an expert voice is the best way to boost a listener's confidence and understanding, as well as being helpful in matters of a sensitive nature, difficulty or great urgency"

How Can We Help

The team can provide rapid turnaround on the following services:

  • Converting Printed Material to Audio
  • Business Best Practice Presentations
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Telephone Systems and same day updates
  • End-user medical Narrations
  • Medical Health Information
  • Relaxation Videos
  • Charity Appeals
  • Meditation Apps
  • How To Videos

No Fuss, No Drama, Just Calm Voices.

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